Douglas Fir and Orange Body Balm | DIY holiday gifts

douglas fir and orange body balm. Easy DIY holiday gifts. #DIY #gifts

This easy DIY body balm smells just like Christmas and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays!



1/4 cup packed beeswax, grated.

1 tbsp shea butter (optional)

1 cup olive oil or mix (I used a combination of olive and grapeseed)

1/4 tsp vitamin E oil

2030 drops of Douglas fir essential oil. I used this one.

1520 drops orange essential oil. I used this one.


Melt the beeswax in a double boiler with the shea butter if you are using it.  Once it has melted stir in your olive oil. Take off the heat and stir in the vitamin E oil and the essential oils.  Pour into small mason jars or body butter containers. (I got mine at Michaels)


*This makes a balm that is still soft. If you want it to be harder simply increase the amount of beeswax you use.

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