Maple Water Herbal Iced Tea

maple water herbal iced tea #recipe #tea

A delicately sweet iced herbal tea that uses maple water as the base.  Perfect for spring when maple water is at it’s peak.  If you can’t get it fresh there are also bottled versions at most grocery stores these days!



2 cups maple water

1/2 tbsp dried hibiscus

1/4 tsp dried calendula flowers*

1/2 tsp chopped, dried lemongrass

1/8 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

squeeze of lime juice

fresh berries and orange slices for serving.


Heat the maple water over medium heat in a small pot. Once the maple water has just reached a boil remove from the heat and add your herbs and the raspberries. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes.  After the tea has steeped strain the herbs and berries out and let it cool.  Add lime juice to taste and serve it over ice with fresh berries and citrus wedges. Enjoy!


*Omit calendula if pregnant or breastfeeding

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