Miso White Chocolate Tarts (vegan/raw/no bake)

white chocolate miso tarts with a black sesame crust. #vegan #raw #nobake

This quick and easy no bake dessert is delicious and sophisticated.  Perfect to bring to a dinner party! It includes miso which gives it a hint of umami flavour.  Enjoy!




Miso White Chocolate Filling


To make the crust use a coffee grinder to grind the black sesame seeds finely.  Add the ground sesame seeds, almond flour, pitted dates,  vanilla and sea salt to a food processor.  Process until it turns to a sticky dough.  Press dough firmly and evenly into a 12 cup muffin tin.

To make the filling, rinse the soaked cashew and add them to a high speed blender with the maple syrup, lemon juice, water and 1 tbsp of miso paste. Blend on high until creamy.  In a double broiler melt the cacao butter.  Slowly pour the melted cacao butter into the blender while it is running on low.  Taste and add 1/2 tbsp-1 tbsp more miso paste if you desire a stronger miso flavour.

Pour the white chocolate miso filling evenly over the 12 muffin cups.  Bang the muffin tin on the counter a couple of times to make sure they are even and to get rid of any bubbles.  Put the tray in the fridge to set for 4-6 hours.

Sprinkle with black sesame seeds before serving.


*I recommend the lightest miso paste as darker pastes are a little too strong here.

**this recipe was inspired by Alison’s Pumpkin Miso Pie at Wu Haus

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